"Charm is a quality that this ensemble of three engaging singers has in spades"
The New Yorker
"Unlike most chamber music enterprises, the Mirror Visions Ensemble is run by singers rather than instrumentalists, and its programs are shaped with an ear to the poetry of song texts rather than to overarching notions of musical style."
New York Times
"The audience came out in droves for this terrific concert by The Mirror Visions Ensemble, and everyone seemed to leave the hall happy... and hungry."
New York Concert Review
"I was completely unfamiliar with The Mirror Visions Ensemble, but the fascinating program offered at the Longy School's Pickman Hall on October 21 has definitely put them on my radar...All three [singers] have attractive voices and expressive stage presence, whether singing alone or in well-matched ensemble."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"The four members of The Mirror Visions Ensemble are all wonderful performers, as we heard during the recital's solo songs. Not only do all the singers have fine voices and clear diction, they use these attributes skillfully in communicating the meaning of the words... This was memorable music making."
New York Concert Review
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Allowing the musicians and audience to indulge in their “foodie” inclinations, this popular program celebrating the delights of dining is centered around the MVE commission of Clean Plates Don’t Lie – a cantata by Richard Pearson Thomas based on the menus and philosophy of renowned chef Dan Barber, originator of the farm-to-table movement. Barber’s principles have changed the way many Americans approach farming and food, using art as a vehicle for explaining that relationship and furthering the important conversation of food and sustainability. The October tour covers San Francisco, Pasadena, Fullerton and Newport Beach with master classes at USC’s Thornton School of Music and California State University at Fullerton. A special performance of this program will also be given at Williams College.

Commissioned musical settings of the poetry of Linda Pastan and Jeffrey Greene
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Three poems of Linda Pastan. Music by Tom Cipullo; Jesse Blumberg, baritone; Gary Chapman, piano
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