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From Noon To Starry Night (A Walt Whitman Cantata) and A Visit with Emily
From Noon to Starry Night: A Walt Whitman Cantata
Russell Platt (b. 1965) Poetry of Walt Whitman

1. A Clear Midnight
2. Salut au Monde! (Part 1)
3. Paumanok
4. When I Heard at the Close of the Day
5. I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing
6. Twilight
7. Dying Veteran (A Long Island Incident - Early part of the Present Century)
8. The Dismantled Ship
9. Unseen Buds
10. A Sketch (1842)


Song Cycle: A Visit with Emily
Tom Cipullo (b. 1959) Letters and poetry of Emily Dickinson and letters of T.W. Higginson

Vira Slywotzky, Scott Murphree, Jesse Blumberg and Alan Darling

Mirror Visions Ensemble Commissions

Posted: Nov-10-2011
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